commission waitlist open!

Hello! My name's Bib.
I like drawing cute stuff for your peepers to enjoy!


Q: what do you use to draw?

A: I use an 11 inch iPad Pro (2021) and I use a 2nd gen Apple Pencil. As for the program I use, I draw on Procreate!

Q: what brushes do you use?

A: 6B Pencil Brush (free on procreate. my absolute FAVORITE brush!!!), Wally Wood Pen Brush for outlines (Rusty Nib Brush Pack) and this amazing brush pack from Mateusz Urbanowicz! (the brush pack is for free but do consider adding a little something to support the artist!) (Matt's Sketching Procreate brush set version 1.1)

Q: can I request you to draw my pet for free?

A: I am currently not taking any free illustration requests at the moment but you could commission me instead~

Q: I'd like to commission a piece. What's the best way to contact you to reserve a commission slot?

A: via email! Please don't DM me over twitter for commission related things as my DMs are all filtered. It's best to contact me via email if you want a response. Also, please head to my carrd for rates and commission info.
Here's the link ^^ (please read TOS thoroughly!)
(If I don't respond to your email, please, please bump it!)

Q: can I edit your illustrations to use as stickers? They're for personal use!

A: physically or digitally, hard no. Please don't.

Q: would you like to collab with us for our NFT collection? / do you have an NFT collection?

A: no and no. I do not intend to dabble in NFTs nor have I ever done so. If you've seen someone parading as me, using my username and has minted any of my illustrations on those sites, please know that that is not me.

Q: Can I repost your artworks? I'll credit you!

A: even if credit is given, I do not allow reposts. ESPECIALLY if it's done without my consent. This is a good read as to why reposting is bad.
If you DMed or emailed me asking for my permission to repost and I didn't respond, please take my silence as a "no".

Q: Can I recreate your artworks?
(3D, pottery, embroidery, etc..)

A: YES! But please, please make sure to contact me about it first!

Q: Can I have your artworks tattooed?

A: YEeeeS! Please contact me to let me know~ (also pls tag me when you post it on social media! I would love to see!)
Do consider donating to my Ko-Fi for the design as well. Any amount would do ^^

Q: do you have a shop for physical merch?

A: not yet! Though I'm planning on having one.
Shipping fees are super expensive on my side of the world and I don't want anybody spending too much on shipping ;~; as soon as I find a cheaper option to ship stuff out, I'll definitely send out an announcement!
though I do have an inprnt, a RedBubble and BonFire shop for shirts and stickers and a Ko-Fi shop for wallpapers, emotes and icons!

Q: will you be selling your pet redraws as merch?

A: I do not plan on selling any of my pet redraws as merch. I only started doing the redraws for funsies anyway ;v;however, I will be selling my original illustrations as merch sometime in the future~ ^^

Q: Can I use your artwork as my icon/header?

A: Sure! But please make sure to credit me when you do.

Q: can I send over random pet stuff for you to see?

A: YES. I may not be able to respond ASAP but.. yes please!

if you have any more questions, please contact me here